GRP Enclosures

Designed with practicality and longevity in mind our Bespoke GRP Enclosures are available in an array of external colours and are the ideal solution to your Industrial Housing needs, Adept GRP Kiosks have a life expectancy in excess of 30 years with little or no maintenance in that period. We also Manufacture and Supply Standard Walk in GRP Enclosures which are normally available in Green or Grey from Stock or on a short lead time.

Need GRP Enclosures?

If you are unsure exactly which GRP Enclosures you require please just call us on 01269 843355 for some friendly guidance, we’re always happy to offer advice and it won’t cost you a penny ! We at Adept GRP can manufacture Enclosures to your precise dimensions, you can have a single door, or a double door positioned in any wall, we can provide ventilation louvers to provide natural cross flow ventilation, Ply mounting boards on the internal walls to accept your equipment, the external finish of your GRP Enclosure can be Smooth Semi Gloss, Simulated Brick or a Textured Finish, we can also manufacture GRP Enclosures in any colour from the BS or RAL Range.

Once your needs are determined, and on receipt of a Purchase Order, we will produce detailed AutoCAD Drawings of your GRP Enclosures, these will be made available to you within one working day of us receiving your Order, in either PDF or DWG format. At this point you can visualise what your Enclosure will look like, you will see the Doors, Vents and any other features you requested. When you’re ready, you can either notify us that our Drawing is approved to manufacture or advise us of any changes you may want to make. If drawing changes are requested we will amend and return our Drawing to you promptly for approval until you’re content and happy for us to proceed.

On receipt of Drawing approval, and confirmation of final details (such as the choice of your external colour) we will advise you of a Delivery Week and then issue a Job Card to our Production Department. Your Enclosure will then progress through our Manufacturing process and a GRP Enclosure, in line with the approved Drawing will be produced. Your Enclosure then undergoes a Final Inspection by a designated member of our team just to be doubly sure it reflects requirements prior to dispatch.

Delivery of your GRP Enclosure

At this point you will receive a call from our Transport Manager who will discuss a Delivery timescale and firm up on arrangements with yourself. Your Enclosure will be Delivered on/Offloaded by our Haulier who will be carrying all necessary documentation relating to the safety of his vehicle and its Hiab.

Larger Enclosures, those over 8000mm in length, or over 4000mm wide or over 3500mm in height can be delivered in panel Form and Assembled on Site by our Qualified/Experienced Site Installation Teams. Full Risk Assessments/Method Statements are provided on request.

Adept GRP also manufacture and supply a full Range of Standard GRP Cabinets, there are sixteen different sizes in total and are normally available from Stock in Green or Grey colours. Drawings are available under the GRP Cabinets tab at the top of our Homepage.