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Bespoke GRP Enclosures

Bespoke GRP Enclosures

Adept GRP has the expertise and facilities to design and manufacture a made-to-measure GRP Enclosure, also referred to as GRP Kiosks. Our products are incredibly durable, resistant and secure, thanks to the use of construction materials such as fiberglass which forms the framework panels of each unit.

These versatile units can perfectly fit your precise needs with bespoke features, be it for outdoor applications or as secure storage spaces. They blend aesthetic appeal and functionality, adding a unique charm to spaces where they are installed. You are able to dictate the external size, specify the number, position, and clear opening of any doors you may require, giving you easy access to your stored items during the installation process. The size options are quite flexible, catering to various customer requirements.

Service Excellence

We take pride in providing excellent service throughout your bespoke enclosure journey. From initial consultation to manufacturing, our team ensures a hassle-free and supportive experience. Our experts work closely with you, understanding the unique requirements of your project and guiding you through every step of the process.

Customisation Options

Our versatile units are crafted to fit your needs, whether for outdoor applications or secure storage spaces. Beyond functionality, these enclosures blend aesthetic appeal, adding a unique charm to the spaces they inhabit. You have the freedom to dictate external size, specify the number and position of doors, and determine clear openings. This level of customisation ensures easy access to stored items and integration into your designated space, with size options flexible enough to cater to a diverse range of customer requirements.

Quality Craftsmanship

The core of Adept GRP’s ethos lies in quality craftsmanship. Fiberglass construction ensures resistance to corrosion, durability, and the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Internal walls are lined with either surface-treated plyboard or encapsulated board, providing an excellent solution for equipment storage and mounting while maintaining high-quality standards.

Variety of Finishes

To enhance the visual appeal of your GRP Enclosure, we offer a variety of finishes. Our default finish is typically Semi Gloss, providing a smooth and shiny appearance. However, we understand that preferences vary, and we also offer alternative finishes such as Textured and Simulated Brick. These options allow you to customise the appearance of your enclosure, ensuring it harmonises seamlessly with its surroundings.

Approval Process

Your satisfaction is important to us. Throughout the design process, Adept keeps you informed and involved. We provide AutoCAD drawings for your review and approval, and any requested changes are incorporated to ensure that the final product meets your needs.

In conclusion, Adept GRP combines service excellence, customisable products, quality craftsmanship, a variety of finishes, and a comprehensive range of services to deliver bespoke GRP Enclosures that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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Bespoke GRP Enclosures FAQ

We have answered the questions we are commonly asked about bespoke GRP enclosures below. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us

Average would be in the region of 5000mm x 2500mm x 2.500mm High but this varies greatly depending on our Customers requirements.


Yes, colours can be selected from the BS or RAL Ranges.

Typically Semi Gloss (Smooth and Shiny) but other finishes such as Textured and Simulated Brick are readily available.


This is dependent on Complexity but an average lead time would be in the region of 4-5 weeks.


Yes, we carry out Certified Electrical Installations to Napit Standards.

Yes, we have our own fully qualified Site Installation Crews who come fully equipped with PPE and RAMS for the installation programme.


Yes, GRP Cabinets or Standard Walk In GRP Enclosures are normally available from Stock or on a Short Lead time.


No, all of our Products are manufactured in house in line with our strict Quality Procedures.


No, we have our own Standard Range of moulds and everything we supply is Manufactured by ourselves.