GRP Housings

GRP Housings, commonly known as GRP Enclosures or GRP Kiosks are used in numerous industries to accommodate Switchgear Equipment, Transformers, Pumps etc. etc.

The fact that a GRP Housing can be Designed for a particular application, Manufactured, Delivered and Installed in three or four weeks eliminates the need for the weather reliant, Traditional Build option of days gone by.

Adept GRP Housings can be manufactured in any size, they generally have a Ply Core within a Sandwich Construction, the structure is supported by Encapsulated, Vertical Structural Battens and an integral, internal Base Fixing Flange through which the Enclosure is bolted to your concrete Base.

A typical Heavy Duty Wall Construction would weigh approximately 22kg per m2.

The majority of our GRP Kiosks are Delivered in Ready Built Form, however we also offer a lightweight alternative construction which is ideal when Site or Access restrictions dictate the need for Delivery in Panel Form and when the Wall and Roof Panels have to be carried manually to their final position.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for?

If your requirement doesn’t call for a Bespoke GRP Enclosure check out our GRP Cabinets and Standard Walk in GRP Enclosures which are ideal for use as Electrical Cabinets and available on a short lead time.

Custom Built GRP Housings

As a guide, an average sized Enclosure (say 5000mm x 2500mm x 2500mm h) would be Erected, Bolted Down and Sealed within a working day allowing you to follow behind with the installation of your equipment, alternatively, if your equipment is already positioned on the Concrete base we will erect the GRP Housings around it, whatever method you decide on, you can be sure that your equipment will be protected from the inclement weather for many years to come.

We also offer a full Delivery, Offloading and Installation package, we have long reach Hiabs mounted on modern Vehicles with all Certification available for Inspection, we provide Risk Assessments and Method Statements to ensure a safe and speedy installation on site.