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An Adept GRP Electrical Enclosure is the ideal solution when looking to protect Electrical Equipment from the elements. Our Standard Range GRP Cabinets can be viewed online where you can also download Technical Drawings and make secure purchases using our shop facility, which allows you to buy GRP electrical enclosures online. Our Electrical Cabinets come in a variety of sizes and colours, they would have lockable Single or Double Doors (dependant on the size of the Enclosure), Stainless Steel Hinges with tamperproof fixings, a Backboard on the internal face of the rear wall and are normally delivered by National Carrier.

Instances will occur whereas a specific size GRP Enclosure is required (eg. The Concrete Base has already been cast or there are restrictions on site) and products in the Standard Range don’t quite meet the required size, this isn’t a problem as we are able to Manufacture a Bespoke Electrical Enclosures to the sizes required, just Contact Us with your requirements and we’ll provide you with a quotation by return. You can also specify any additional extras you may need, these may include Cable Entry Points, Vents to provide natural cross flow ventilation, Viewing Panes etc. etc.

Our current, worst scenario, lead time (assuming we don’t have the size you require in Stock) is approximately 7-10 days from receipt of Order, however, we understand the necessity of getting an Electrical Enclosure to Site quickly and will assist with any urgent requests as best we can. Our Stock, “off the shelf” GRP Cabinets are Manufactured in Green (BS 14-C-39) and Grey (BS 10-A-05) as these two colours normally meet standard requirements, Green in the Countryside, Grey in an Urban area seems to be the common ongoing trend.

Our Electrical Enclosures are IP55 as standard but this can be improved on by incorporating a membrane floor into the build and adding some Lever Handles to the first opening Door. Any water/dust ingress tests are carried out in house and not verified by any external body. Adept GRP Ltd operate to a Verified Quality System which is Audited by an External Body, this ensures that you’re in good hands from when you originally Contact Us through to the point where your GRP Enclosure is delivered.

Outdoor GRP Housings


When GRP is mentioned for outdoor grp housings, the acronym used is in reference to Glass Reinforced Plastic. GRP Products are used as a solution to ensure what is inside is secure and kept out of view. The size and scope of products can vary, from GRP Glass Reinforced Cabinets to Housing. Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is an efficient, cost effective and durable way of protecting equipment such as water, telecommunications and industrial equipment.

The advantage of using GRP Housing is that its size and shape can be tailored to a client’s requirements, while the material used keeps the housing low in cost and can provide an attractive, durable building which looks appropriate to the surrounding environment.
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GRP Housings are widespread commercial and industrial used, and can be found in places where a company or person requires an enclosed environment to house devices such as a control panel, gas equipment or security features which should not be accessible to the general public. This means GRP Products should be flexible enough to be used in a variety of landscapes, yet secure and long-wearing enough to protect what is inside from the elements and from any outside interference.

GRP Products from Adept GRP


This company also provides products like steel pillars or gates for the safety of your house. There are also other GRP products which are designed to assure your house’s security. For example, Adept GRP manufactures security lodges and ticket booths, which can be bought by big or small companies and even high schools that need this kind of constructions inside their campus. People should know that all GRP products can be specially designed and custom made for the clients who wish their products to be painted in a certain color.

They can also ask the company to build the kiosks or the cabinets with special features or to apply them after the construction is bring to the client’s house. GRP products are the best choice when it comes to storing materials, because you can be sure they have a long durability and provide safety for your goods.

GRP Cabinets range


GRP cabinets are widely used in many of our industries that supply us with water, petrol, electricity, gas and much more. These global industries also have the need to use many other GRP products.

Many years ago these global industries used steel and iron that are subject to corrosion and need a lot of maintenance but now they recognise the qualities in GRP so when the cabinets and housings needed renewing they replaced them with GRP.

Due to the locations of some of these cabinets, and the products and contents they house; the GRP cabinets have to be water tight as well as well as having to be securely locked. The versatility of the GRP material and the cost effectiveness has almost replaced the use of traditional metals across the globe.

There are companies operating today that specialise in the production of GRP cabinets and can supply all the extra options that the cabinets may need. Because of the popularity and heavy demand for GRP cabinets many companies stock a wide range of them so that if a customer orders one and they are in stock delivery can be made the next day. This is a big plus for industries that are operating on a time schedule.

Companies who stock GRP cabinets are aware of the customer’s requirements for cabinets and other products in chosen colours and specific styles so the manufacturers are constantly developing the range of these products to meet the customer’s demand.

GRP AKA Fibreglass


Glass Reinforced Plastic is what some people call fibreglass. It can be moulded into any product you can imagine. It has so many uses around the industry and the home, on the street.

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) opens so many doors to the industry around us. GRP consists of strands of glass that are in resin so that makes it able to withstand compressive and tensile loads.

GRP is a very modern material that allows itself to be moulded into any shape that it needs to be. It can moulded into any shape, size or colour. That is the great thing about it. The industry that work with this material find it very versatile. It light weight and very low maintenance. Whilst its being produced it can be made into a fire retardant product and also a chemical resistant product too.

GRP has great potential for designers and architects. They can push there design ability’s to the limit. More and more people are choosing GRP as there choice of material to use. Every where you look you will find an examples all over the place.

There are lots of examples of what is made out of Glass Reinforced Plastic.

Roofing, theme park rides, water slides, boat hulls, life raft, play equipment GRP Enclosures and the list goes on and on.

It would take an age to write the list of even half of what GRP is used for. Have a good look around you now and see what you can see is GRP, next time you walk down the road have look around you and see what you can see is GRP. You will be surprised at how much you can point out.

It is quickly overtaking steel and other metals. Metal is no comparison. GRP is a lot lighter, it can be moulded into any shape and it can also be any colour that it is needed. It so much more versatile then metal.