thermalpropertiesGRPkiosksparking attendants and yard workers hate long and cold wintery spells.

Car parks are full to the brim with more people commuting to work to avoid the cold snap which is keeping attendants busy monitoring who comes and who goes but where do the attendants go for a quick break or a rest during the quieter periods? The answer is nowhere in the majority of private open plan car parks where space is optimised for parking and not buildings.
GRP Kiosks are the realistic alternative to staying out in the cold. GRP stands for glass reinforced polymer which is affordable and durable and as seen as the alternative to steel structures.

GRP Products are easily maintainable and they can also be customised or built to bespoke specifications to suit any buyer. One of these kiosks would be the perfect solution for parking attendants or yard workers who need a place to rest. By not being a permanent structure GRP kiosks can also be relocated to other locations if needed.
There are many specifications that can be added to your kiosk including thermal insulation, fire resistance, electrical installation and air conditioning so they really are an ideal solution to many building problems.