Security Features for GRP Gatehouses: Protection and Safety

In a time when safety measures are increasingly important, our GRP Gatehouses are designed to meet the evolving security challenges. Equipped with modern security features such as biometric systems and advanced surveillance technology, we aim to improve how premises are protected.

This article provides an in-depth look at the advancements in GRP gatehouse technologies and their role in enhancing safety and peace of mind in access control. Discover how these innovations can contribute to your security strategy.

GRP gatehouses are equipped with a range of security features to ensure the safety and protection of personnel and property. These features may include reinforced doors, tamper-proof windows, anti-vandal shutters, secure locking mechanisms, and surveillance systems. Additionally, optional extras such as lighting, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning can enhance security and comfort within the gatehouse. For more detailed information on specific security features and customisation options, please refer to our website or contact our team for assistance.​

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gatehouse interior with exterior grp

Fortified Physical Defenses

Improving the security of GRP gatehouses starts with enhancing fundamental physical components like windows, door locks, hinges, and other structural elements. These aspects are essential considerations in the manufacturing process, forming the backbone of a reliable security system.

They can include, but not limited to:

  1. Reinforced Windows: By using impact-resistant glass or polycarbonate materials, these windows are engineered to withstand various forms of external pressure, increasing resistance against forced entry.
  2. Security Window Films: The application of security window films, reinforces glass windows and prevents shattering upon impact. These films hold glass fragments together, delaying unauthorised access and providing additional time for response by security personnel.
  3. Multiple-Point Locking Systems: By distributing locking points strategically, multi-point systems offer superior resistance against forced entry when compared to traditional single-point locks.
  4. Tamper-Proof Hinges: Equipped with concealed or reinforced mechanisms, these hinges effectively deter attempts to forcibly remove doors from their frames, enhancing the structural integrity and security of the gatehouse.
  5. Security Grills or Bars: These physical barriers restrict access (usually over windows) while allowing for ventilation and natural light, enhancing security without compromising functionality.

High-Tech Security Features for GRP Gatehouses​

In the field of gatehouse security, technology is constantly advancing, and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) gatehouses are keeping up with these developments. These structures, made from GRP, are strong and long-lasting. They can also be upgraded with sophisticated security technologies to provide enhanced safety and protection on site. We’ll take a closer look at some of these modern security features.

One of the key security features utilised in GRP gatehouses is keypad access control. This technology provides a reliable and efficient method of managing and controlling entry to the premises.

Did you know?

  • GRP gatehouses are commonly used as security checkpoints at the entrances of various facilities, such as industrial sites, business parks, and residential complexes.
  • The inclusion of GRP in gatehouses ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance requirements. It also simplifies the process of dismantling the unit when needed.
  • These gatehouses offer customisation options such as windows, doors, air conditioning, and insulation to meet the specific needs of the site.

Keypad Access Control

Keypad access control systems provide an additional layer of security by limiting and monitoring entries & exits. Instead of relying on traditional locks or manual checks, keypad access control systems utilise a combination-based method for granting access. Users are required to enter a unique code or PIN into the keypad to gain entry.

Imagine a situation where multiple individuals need access to a gated community. Each resident could be assigned a unique four-digit code linked to their account. When they arrive at the gate, they can simply enter their personal code into the keypad to gain entry.

This type of system offers several advantages. Firstly, it eliminates the need for physical keys and the risk associated with lost or stolen keys. Additionally, it provides a convenient way of granting access to authorised personnel or residents without the need for constant supervision or manual intervention.

Moreover, keypad access control systems can also be integrated with other security measures such as surveillance cameras or intercom systems, allowing for enhanced monitoring and communication capabilities.

While keypad access control offers convenience and security, there are other personnel identification features that can further bolster the security of GRP gatehouses.

Advanced Surveillance in GRP Gatehouses

Surveillance systems play a vital role in securing various facilities, including GRP gatehouses. Leveraging cutting-edge camera systems can significantly enhance the overall security measures within gatehouse environments.

Camera systems deployed in GRP gatehouses enable real-time monitoring and recording of activities occurring on the premises. High-definition cameras with advanced features such as wide dynamic range (WDR), low-light visibility, and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capabilities offer clear visibility even in challenging lighting conditions.

Furthermore, video analytics can assist in post-incident investigations by providing detailed footage that aids in identifying perpetrators or understanding the sequence of events. This valuable data can be archived for future reference, ensuring comprehensive security coverage and assisting law enforcement agencies if necessary.

Camera Systems and Their Benefits

When it comes to ensuring the protection and safety of GRP gatehouses, camera systems are an invaluable tool. These high-tech security features offer numerous benefits that enhance the overall security of the gatehouse premises.

Camera systems provide constant surveillance, allowing for real-time monitoring of activities both inside and outside the gatehouse. This serves as a deterrent to potential intruders or unauthorised individuals attempting to gain access. Additionally, cameras capture footage that can be used as evidence in the event of any incidents or breaches.

With advanced technology, many camera systems now offer features such as night vision, motion detection, and high-resolution video quality. Night vision capabilities enable clear monitoring even in low-light conditions, ensuring continuous surveillance regardless of the time of day. Motion detection alerts security personnel to any suspicious movements, contributing to swift response times and preventing potential threats.

Moreover, the presence of visible cameras can serve as a visual reminder to individuals that their actions are being monitored. This psychological effect can help deter criminal activity and maintain a secure environment within the gatehouse premises.

Emergency Support in GRP Gatehouses

In addition to having top-of-the-line security measures like camera systems, GRP gatehouses also provide essential emergency support features. These features ensure the safety and well-being of individuals within the gatehouses during critical situations.

One crucial component is the installation of panic buttons strategically placed within the gatehouse facility. In times of distress or emergencies, pressing these panic buttons immediately notifies security personnel or emergency response teams. Prompt action can then be taken to address the situation efficiently and effectively.

The panic buttons act as a lifeline during emergencies such as medical crises, physical altercations, or natural disasters. They facilitate rapid communication and summon appropriate assistance to overcome challenging situations promptly.

By incorporating emergency support features like panic buttons into GRP gatehouses, individuals working within them can have peace of mind knowing that help is just a button press away. This enhances the overall safety and security of the gatehouse environment, ensuring prompt response and protection during critical times.

The Importance of a Panic Button

In the context of advanced security features for GRP gatehouses, the panic button is an essential tool. It offers a straightforward way to get emergency help quickly, enhancing the safety of those inside the gatehouse. In emergencies or when facing potential threats, using the panic button sends out an alert that quickly brings security staff or emergency services to the site. This feature is a crucial safety measure, allowing for a fast and effective response to any situation.

Imagine a situation where a security guard at a GRP gatehouse encounters a suspicious individual or faces an imminent threat. By pressing the panic button discreetly, help can be summoned immediately without escalating the situation or jeopardising personal safety.

The integration of panic buttons in GRP gatehouses further enhances the overall security infrastructure, reassuring occupants that prompt action can be taken in times of distress. This vital component ensures peace of mind and creates a safer environment for both residents and employees.

Fire Prevention & Resistance

It’s important for gatehouses to server as fire rated enclosures, especially if they are occupied by people or contain equipment of value. Fire resistance ensures the safety of occupants and helps to prevent the spread of fire to other areas of the property or facility. Additionally, gatehouses often serve as control points for access, and a fire in or near a gatehouse could impede evacuation or emergency response efforts. Therefore, incorporating fire-resistant materials and design features into gatehouses is crucial for overall safety and security.


Some features mentioned above are not offered by Adept GRP directly but could be installed in the GRP enclosure after delivery*