Benefits of GRP

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GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) has numerous benefits that are hugely beneficial in the manufacture of GRP Enclosures.

The primary benefits would be its Lifespan, GRP Enclosures remain operational for well over 25 years, they don’t need any painting or staining, a little light lubricating Oil on the hinges and lock will ensure trouble free service for years to come.


Another such advantage would be the flexibility in Design

GRP Panels can be produced in specified sizes. We often encounter instances whereas a GRP Enclosure is required at roof top level, the Service Lift is very often too small so we resolve the issue by Manufacturing the Wall/Roof Panels to suit the service lift. We then offer a Service whereas an Adept GRP Site Crew will attend Site and erect the Enclosure in the requested location.


Adept GRP Enclosures (also referred to as GRP Kiosks) are Non Conductive and are finished internally with a Fire Retardant Resin.

They are manufactured with the end use in mind, the position of the Doors and any other features dictated by the Customer prior to the commencement of manufacture. Further details are available at



We also produce a range of GRP Electrical Enclosures, these come in set sizes but with 16 options on size you’re almost sure to find something close to what you want. If you’d like to browse our Standard Range of GRP Cabinets you can find Drawings and prices at

GRP enclosures

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GRP Enclosures are normally Delivered to site in Ready Built form, they are fitted with removable lifting plates and lifted into position by the Delivery vehicles Hiab (Subject to suitable Site Conditions/Access). The Enclosures have an internal/integral fixing Flange as standard to simplify the fixing down onto your Concrete base. Larger GRP Kiosks can be delivered in Panel Form and erected on Site by one of our fully Qualified GRP Site Installation Teams, the Panel From option is also invaluable where Site Access is inadequate for the Ready Built option. A typical 5000mm x 3000mm x 2.500mm High GRP Enclosure would normally be erected within a working day thus minimising any costly delays on Site. GRP Enclosures have a lifespan in excess of 20 years and require minimal maintenance during this period, they can also be relocated if necessary.

Alternatively, Adept GRP also offers a Standard Range (sixteen sizes in total) of smaller GRP Cabinets, also referred to as GRP Feeder Pillars, these are normally available from Stock and are the ideal solution as Electricity Meter Cabinets, Telemetry Housings etc etc.

If you have any Questions or Queries that relate to GRP Kiosks, GRP Enclosures or GRP Cabinets please use the “Contact Us” facility at , were always happy to help 🙂