GRP Enclosures – Made to any specification


From as far back as the stone age, man has been inventing and creating the way we live today. In this day and age we are continuing to make and create and we are mastering the old techniques. All around the globe is full of advanced material that man has made all to make our lives easier. We still have not stopped inventing. We are still finding ways to create and improve our lives.

Compared to actual time Glass Reinforced Plastic has not actually been around for that long it is a recent addition to mans inventions. It has some great properties.

It is a very lightweight material. There are some heavy material out there that we use but Glass Reinforced Plastic is made up of glass fibres so that makes it very light to work with because glass has a very low density ratio.

The small pieces of glass together create its strength. Each individual fibre of glass is strong and stiff so this adds to the strength of the Glass Reinforced Plastic. With the glass and the plastic combined makes the sheet stronger.

Glass Reinforced Plastic is well known for its versatility and AdeptGRP can make GRP Enclosures to your specification, Our Design team will assist you though-out. GRP has a big range of uses, from boats to pipes to cars. It can be made to anything it needs to be. Because it is weather proof it can handle being outside at all times.

Can Glass Reinforced Plastic help you in life? It probably can and it already be helping you now. It can be made into ladders, stairs, hand rails. Literally anything. Say a public bench that is made out of Glass Reinforced Plastic, it is sat on, stood on and laid on by members of the public every day all day and night and will still look as good in a few years time as it did when it was first put up. No matter how many bodies its experienced, it will still end up looking like new.

GRP AKA Fibreglass


Glass Reinforced Plastic is what some people call fibreglass. It can be moulded into any product you can imagine. It has so many uses around the industry and the home, on the street.

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) opens so many doors to the industry around us. GRP consists of strands of glass that are in resin so that makes it able to withstand compressive and tensile loads.

GRP is a very modern material that allows itself to be moulded into any shape that it needs to be. It can moulded into any shape, size or colour. That is the great thing about it. The industry that work with this material find it very versatile. It light weight and very low maintenance. Whilst its being produced it can be made into a fire retardant product and also a chemical resistant product too.

GRP has great potential for designers and architects. They can push there design ability’s to the limit. More and more people are choosing GRP as there choice of material to use. Every where you look you will find an examples all over the place.

There are lots of examples of what is made out of Glass Reinforced Plastic.

Roofing, theme park rides, water slides, boat hulls, life raft, play equipment GRP Enclosures and the list goes on and on.

It would take an age to write the list of even half of what GRP is used for. Have a good look around you now and see what you can see is GRP, next time you walk down the road have look around you and see what you can see is GRP. You will be surprised at how much you can point out.

It is quickly overtaking steel and other metals. Metal is no comparison. GRP is a lot lighter, it can be moulded into any shape and it can also be any colour that it is needed. It so much more versatile then metal.

All boxed up – the benefits of GRP Enclosures


The benefits of using GRP (glass reinforced plastic) in the construction of enclosures such as security lodges and ticket booths are numerous. GRP Glass Reinforced Enclosures are stronger than the average, they are more economical to produce and aesthetically they can look far superior as there are infinite designs for molding components and creating bespoke solutions.

Well constructed GRP Enclosures can withstand harsh elements, force and impact and are even resistant to corrosive environments. They are also electrically and thermally non-conductive so there is minimal risk of personal injury or damage to the structure.

The molding process is extremely flexibly to accommodate design options so special visual effects can easily be achieved, such as brickwork, stone or wood effects.

GRP enclosures offer safety and security and are also fire retardant. They are sturdy and robust and extremely well insulated against the ingress of water and weather. Enclosures made from GRP are also easy to move by hand, so expensive lifting machinery or specialist tools are not required.

In general terms, GRP products are leading the way in the portable building market as they offer flexibility of design together with robust construction that is lightweight and inexpensive. They are also long lasting and exceptionally easy to clean and maintain, keeping them in perfect condition year after year.

Throw your Paint Brush Away, GRP is here to Stay


Whatever your industrial, commercial or home needs, GRP Glass Reinforced Cabinets can fit the bill.
Designed to a bespoke specification, GRP products are a lightweight, durable and weather-proof purpose built solution for your storage requirements.

It’s no problem to put in doors and windows in any position that you require and your GRP Enclosures can be made fire resistant and sound proof – if you need it, Adept GRP can supply it at a reasonable price.

With a variety of finishes including simulated brick or textured and the colours of your choice, you really can ensure that your enclosure blends in with its surroundings and GRP Glass Reinforced cabinets can be delivered on site ready built to fit any area, be it large or small.

GRP is better known as fibre glass and is a composite material that binds fine glass fibres into plastic for a tough yet light product that is used in the body work of sports cars and wind turbine blades.
You’ll get years of use out of GRP products without the need for constant maintenance that traditional wooden or brick enclosures require, and at less of a cost.

Throw the paint brush away and invest in some GRP products today.