Adept Insulated GRP Enclosures


Insulated GRP Enclosures

A bespoke Adept Insulated GRP Enclosure would normally be constructed using a 12mm or 18mm Ply Core within a sandwich construction. A typical 12mm Ply Core Construction would provide a U Value of 2.2 W/sq.m/degC, whereas an 18mm Ply Core would provide a U Value of 1.5 W/sq.m/degC. The introduction of a 50mm Foam Slab Insulation along with the 18mm Ply Core mentioned above would provide a U Value of .45 W/sq.m/degC.

Adept GRP manufacture enclosures in such a way so as to provide flexibility in design. Preformed apertures can be moulded into position to suit site requirements, doors can be positioned to suit specific applications to ensure that the GRP Kiosk you purchase suits your needs perfectly. GRP Transformer Housings can be fitted with Explosion Relief Roofs, Cable Entry Points and a full Electrical Kit Out if necessary, Electrics would be Tested & Certified prior to dispatch.

Adept GRP Enclosures

Adept GRP Enclosures are manufactured in line with our ISO 9001:2008 certified process ensuring strict control throughout. Delivery for an average size Enclosure would be made on a Rigid Lorry cw Offload by Hiab, a Large GRP Enclosure can be delivered in Panel Form and assembled on Site by our fully Qualified Site Personnel.

Be it a Switchgear Enclosure, a Transformer Housing for a DNO, a GRP Electrical Enclosure or a small Roadside Range GRP Electrical Cabinet, Adept GRP can help you.

Benefits of GRP

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GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) has numerous benefits that are hugely beneficial in the manufacture of GRP Enclosures.

The primary benefits would be its Lifespan, GRP Enclosures remain operational for well over 25 years, they don’t need any painting or staining, a little light lubricating Oil on the hinges and lock will ensure trouble free service for years to come.


Another such advantage would be the flexibility in Design

GRP Panels can be produced in specified sizes. We often encounter instances whereas a GRP Enclosure is required at roof top level, the Service Lift is very often too small so we resolve the issue by Manufacturing the Wall/Roof Panels to suit the service lift. We then offer a Service whereas an Adept GRP Site Crew will attend Site and erect the Enclosure in the requested location.


Adept GRP Enclosures (also referred to as GRP Kiosks) are Non Conductive and are finished internally with a Fire Retardant Resin.

They are manufactured with the end use in mind, the position of the Doors and any other features dictated by the Customer prior to the commencement of manufacture. Further details are available at



We also produce a range of GRP Electrical Enclosures, these come in set sizes but with 16 options on size you’re almost sure to find something close to what you want. If you’d like to browse our Standard Range of GRP Cabinets you can find Drawings and prices at

What is an Adept GRP Enclosure.


What is an Adept GRP Enclosure.

A GRP Enclosure or GRP Kiosk is a man made product which can be designed and manufactured using Composite Materials, the benefits of using GRP are numerous, it’s durability and longevity are well documented and allows for a low maintenance product which will provide uninterrupted service for decades.


Common uses for GRP Enclosures

GRP Enclosures are commonly used to house Electrical Equipment, this may be sensitive Switchgear, an Industrial Transformer or similar, the fact that the GRP Enclosure can be designed to suit site specific needs and then delivered in one piece so it’s ready for use instantly makes it a very viable option. Such conditions minimise downtime on site and allow for the smooth transition needed to get situations up and running quickly.


Our GRP Enclosures

Electrical Enclosures can also come in more common, smaller sizes. These are manufactured in house by Adept GRP Ltd and sold in great numbers to the likes of Edmundson Electrical, Newey & Eyre etc. Adept GRP Cabinets are also supplied direct to Electrical Contractors who see them as the ideal solution to protect Electrical Components from the weather. Our most common sizes are the VR6 and VR7 Cabinets, these Non Conductive Electrical Enclosures are available in Green or Grey and usually available from Stock. If you’re reading this because you’re on the look out for an Electrical Cabinet or a GRP Kiosk try clicking this link if you need more help or just some general advice feel free to call us on 01269 843355.

Adept GRP increase production levels


Adept GRP Ltd have recently taken on additional premises with a view to increasing production levels of our ever popular GRP Electrical Cabinets. The Outdoor Weatherproof Cabinets are part of our Standard GRP Enclosure Range, are in continual high demand.

The VR Roadside Range offer Small, Medium and Large walk in GRP Enclosures, all Adept GRP products come with an expected lifespan in excess of 25 years making our GRP Enclosures a very cost effective option when lifespan is considered against initial outlay.

We also produce tailor made, Bespoke GRP Enclosures for situations where a standard GRP Kiosk doesn’t quite meet requirements. Bespoke Enclosures can be small or large, we are normally provided with a brief on what’s required which we then, given our extensive experience, use to produce an Autocad Drawing which we provide for approval prior to commencing manufacture. Delivery of the smaller GRP Cabinets are normally by National Carrier whilst the Larger GRP Housings are delivered on a dedicated vehicle and offloaded/positioned by Hiab.

In addition to being Audited by an external Consultancy Company on a monthly basis, Adept GRP is also Audited on an Annual basis by SGS with a view to meeting IS0 9001:2008 Standards, a standard we gained and have continually met for a number of years.

If you’re looking for assistance with an upcoming Project which requires an Industrial GRP Product  we are the people to speak to, we offer a very personalised service supported by extensive experience within the GRP Industry. Just visit or call 01269 843355 and we’ll guide you through the entire process.

Cost Effective Enclosures for All Industries


GRP enclosures can be supplied to house and protect infrastructure from all kinds of weather conditions, chemicals and vandalism. GRP enclosures can be customised to dampen noise and contain fire; they can also be designed to have multiple compartments if that is what the customer’s requirements are. The compartments can be individually fitted with a ventilation system, or installed in whole GRP enclosures.

Because GRP enclosures are also extremely durable and have an indefinite life expectancy they are very cost-effective. GRP enclosures make the ideal housing to protect your plant and equipment inside. GRP enclosures are much more practical than the traditional metal enclosures as they are virtually maintenance-free and once your equipment is housed it is safe and secure for many, many years.

GRP enclosures are commonly used to house and protect generators, electrical boxes, compressors and pump houses. They are also used by many different industries to store expensive equipment and tools because of the security they afford.

GRP enclosures can be manufactured to the exact specification of the customer’s requirements and then customised to suit all different kinds of environments. Because of the flexibility of fibre glass the enclosures can be manufactured in all sizes.

Companies that design and manufacture GRP enclosures are often asked for advice by customers on how to house certain equipment. With their experience and knowledge they can offer the most cost effective and safest way to protect and secure any infrastructure. The fact that these enclosures have a life long guarantee and are virtually maintenance free makes them one of the most cost effective items for many industries.

GRP Enclosures within the Construction Industry


The use of GRP Enclosures within the Construction Industry has been somewhat of a revelation. The fact that a Transformer Housing can now be Ordered, Delivered and installed within 2-3 weeks is a major step forward from the days when a traditional build was the only option available.

Time is always an issue on a construction site, deadlines have to be met in order to prevent delays

enclosure delivered to construction site

Enclosure being delivered to site

which usually have a costly affect on the project. The days of a traditional build saw a greater emphasis on the “human element” whereas Brick Layers would construct a Transformer Housing or Switchgear Enclosure aided by Carpenters, Roofers etc, this system was always reliant on satisfactory weather conditions and all members of the team turning up, it was also a relatively lengthy process and any hiccups only complicated an already complicated situation.

The introduction of GRP Enclosures has made a positive difference to the Industry, any requirements for GRP Housings are submitted to the likes of Adept GRP Ltd, a Quotation is provided followed by a detailed CAD Drawing, once the design/layout is approved production begins indoors, the production programme is unaffected by any inclement weather as is possible by traditional means. In approximately 3 weeks, at a pre determined time your GRP Enclosure will be delivered, offloaded and positioned by Hiab. You can then be confident that your Equipment is protected from the elements for years to come with very little maintenance anticipated.

Cost Effective and Low Maintenance


Glass reinforced plastic or GRP as it is commonly known is a material that is used today by many large well known companies and also smaller not so well known companies. Basically, what I mean is GRP is used in a vast number products ranging from aircrafts to our kitchen sink.

Because this material is so versatile it is also used on industrial estates all over the country, and it is used for GRP enclosures. Businesses everywhere are always searching for ways to save money but at the same time these businesses have to grow and expand to stay in the market.

GRP enclosures are used as business units on many industrial estates as an extension of the original unit. High rents charged per square foot that is constantly increasing puts pressure on businesses who are struggling to survive.
The solution for businesses that need more space for storage or as a working unit was to construct a GRP enclosure. The issues that where raised by the local planning offices have been satisfied as long as these GRP enclosures match the original unit that they are placed next to.

GRP enclosures can be ordered with several different finishes to match the original building. Slate lookalike roofs can adorn these GRP enclosures to make them look like they are a real extension of the brick building.
In fact in many ways the GRP enclosures are probably more efficient and cost effective than the brick building as once they are constructed they are very low maintenance.

I.P Rated Enclosures


Most GRP enclosures are manufactured to a degree of weather, water and intrusion protection and it is the client who determines the level necessary for the GRP enclosure. These levels (IP levels) are then included in the design and manufacturing according to the clients specifications.

The IP (or Ingress Protection) ratings are defined by the international standard EN 60529 (British BS EN 60529:1992). The IP level of your GRP enclosure is to determine how much of the sealing effectiveness is against moisture and the intrusion from foreign bodies, weather etc…

The IP level is much higher in a GRP enclosure when housing electrical equipment. There are numbers that follow all IP ratings and these have a specific meaning relating to the degree of sealing and protection effectiveness.

The IP rating for a GRP enclosure covers a range of waterproof elements from condensation to prolonged immersion in water under pressure. Enclosures that are constantly immersed in water would need to be totally waterproof and should therefore carry an IP rating of  IP68. Where enclosures are immersed temporarily at certain times they should carry a lesser rating of IP67.

For instance if your GRP enclosure was IPO rated this would signify that no special protection was included when the enclosure was designed and manufactured.

Then there is the weatherproof GRP enclosure, and the customer has to determine how much protection from the environment it will need in the IP rating chart.

GRP Adept can give all their clients advice on the levels of the IP ratings based on their expertise and experience accumulated over the years working with many industries requiring  GRP enclosures.

Enclosures and Cabinets

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The versatility of GRP is beyond question, its use is infinite, it can be manufactured in a lightweight or heavy weight form dependant on its intended purpose in a particular project.

The introduction of GRP in the manufacture of GRP Enclosures and GRP Cabinets has provided both versatility and longevity to the Purchaser, the customer can dictate the size, orientation, colour and engineering requirements of the Enclosure confident that it can be produced to their exact and specific requirements. Doors, be them General Access or Emergency Exits, can be positioned in any wall, ventilation can be forced (by means of Extraction Fans and Inlet vents) or Natural Cross Flow (by means of a series of Vents positioned at both High and Low level). Electrical items, such as Lighting, Heating, Sockets etc can be fitted, Wired, Tested and Certified prior to dispatch, thus eliminating the need for an additional service, and potential delays associated with such activities being undertaken by a Contractor on Site.

A typical GRP Enclosure Construction would weigh in the region of 20kg per M2 and would be as follows; Gel Coat/GRP/12mm Ply Core/50mm Encapsulated Vertical Battens/GRP. An increase in height may see the Core Material increase to 18mm and the Encapsulated Vertical Battens to 75mm in Depth. The typical external finish would be Semi Gloss which is available from any colour from the BS or RAL Range, alternative finishes include Simulated Brick (ideal when used to match up to an existing traditional Brick structure on Site), Simulated Wood Effect and a Textured Finish. The Textured finish is seen as a budget option, it does not require the availability of Semi Gloss moulds and is normally only manufactured as a standard finish by companies with limited facilities/expertise.

GRP enclosures

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GRP Enclosures are normally Delivered to site in Ready Built form, they are fitted with removable lifting plates and lifted into position by the Delivery vehicles Hiab (Subject to suitable Site Conditions/Access). The Enclosures have an internal/integral fixing Flange as standard to simplify the fixing down onto your Concrete base. Larger GRP Kiosks can be delivered in Panel Form and erected on Site by one of our fully Qualified GRP Site Installation Teams, the Panel From option is also invaluable where Site Access is inadequate for the Ready Built option. A typical 5000mm x 3000mm x 2.500mm High GRP Enclosure would normally be erected within a working day thus minimising any costly delays on Site. GRP Enclosures have a lifespan in excess of 20 years and require minimal maintenance during this period, they can also be relocated if necessary.

Alternatively, Adept GRP also offers a Standard Range (sixteen sizes in total) of smaller GRP Cabinets, also referred to as GRP Feeder Pillars, these are normally available from Stock and are the ideal solution as Electricity Meter Cabinets, Telemetry Housings etc etc.

If you have any Questions or Queries that relate to GRP Kiosks, GRP Enclosures or GRP Cabinets please use the “Contact Us” facility at , were always happy to help 🙂