What size is a Standard Size GRP Enclosure


What size is a Standard Size GRP Enclosure” is a question we get asked many times, and to be honest it’s a difficult one to answer as it depends on its intended use.

Adept GRP try to cover all eventualities by offering a significant range of standard sizes, these Range from our VR1 Cabinet which is suitable for a small distribution board and a double socket through to our VR20,  a much larger Enclosure designed to operate as a Switchgear Housing. The Roadside Range in between these two examples are intended to offer variations in the hope that there’s always a GRP Cabinet or GRP Housing to suit everyone. We do come across instances where floor space is limited and the tight restrictions mean that a GRP Kiosk of a particular size is specified, we can overcome this by designing and manufacturing an Enclosure to fit into the available space. We have even had instances where the space was so restricted there was no scope for the Enclosure doors to be opened, we overcame this by fitting a small roller shutter door which, whilst providing the necessary security, also provided full access to the equipment inside, allowing for essential maintenance as and when necessary.

To summarise, GRP Electrical Enclosures and Large GRP Housings can be manufactured by Adept GRP to suit your particular application, Doors, Vents etc can be positioned to suit and we are able to manufacture in most external colours from the BS or RAL Range. Please visit our online store to view our Standard Range of Electrical Cabinets, Large GRP Enclosures and Bespoke GRP Kiosks.