Rooftop GRP Enclosures


A large number of GRP Plant Rooms etc are required to be positioned on existing rooftops, possibly a number of storeys above ground level. Cranage on to roof level as a Ready Built GRP Enclosure is not always an option due to the Site layout or a number of other reasons. One option to overcome such a problem is to consider the possibility of a Service/Goods lift, assuming availability and providing it is of a reasonable size, we can manufacture GRP Enclosures in narrow, smaller panels which will allow them to be transported to roof level with relative ease. The multiple Panels can then be transported across the roof to where they’re to be sited and erected by one of our experienced Site Crews.

In instances where conditions allow the GRP Enclosure to be craned up as a Ready Built, one piece component we would fit Certified Lifting Plates to the Enclosure prior to dispatch, the Slinger/Banksman can then hook the chains up to the lifting plates and commence the lift to the rooftop.

Adept GRP Enclosures are supplied with Risk Assessments/Method Statements on request, we can also provide you with an estimated weight for the GRP Enclosure so as to avoid any potential delays when executing the lift.

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The picture below shows a small vented BOS Containment Enclosure on a rooftop location in London.