GRP vs Steel in Industry


The great Debate over Steel Electrical Feeder Pillars against GRP Electrical Feeder Pillars continues, similar in style and appearance the option of either has been available to Industry for a number of years.

The benefits of Steel Electrical Enclosures

Steel Electrical Enclosures continue to be very popular, they are available in a number of Standard Sizes and are normally available at short notice, smaller units would have a single door normally secured with Triangular Locks, a Ply Backboard to accept Electrical Equipment and the option of a “Root” which can be set in concrete, ensuring a stable base fixing. Adept Steel Cabinets are manufactured from 2mm Zintec Steel Sheet and finished in Green as Standard. The negatives, when compared with a similar Electrical Enclosure manufactured from GRP is the fact that Steel is a conductor of Electricity and its limited lifespan of 8-10 years prior to it showing signs of corrosion.

The benefits of GRP Electrical Enclosures

GRP Electrical Enclosures appear to have the edge when all things are considered. They are also available in a range of Standard Sizes and again, normally available at short notice. Smaller units would come with a Single Lockable Door whilst the larger units would be fitted with Double Doors, they have no central pillar, so full access is provided when both doors are opened. The fact that GRP is maintenance free and has a life expectancy beyond 30 years sees the Doors being hung on Stainless Steel Hinges, secured by Stainless Steel Fixings. GRP Cabinets are designed to provide many decades of trouble free service, they can be manufactured in any Colour from the BS or RAL Range, they can be closed or open based (allowing cables to be fed into the Cabinet from the underside) and accept a range of optional extras such as Viewing Panes in the Doors, Enhanced Locking Systems, Vents but to name a few. GRP is non-conductive and has a Safety edge over Steel Cabinets in that sense.


To summarise, the general trend sees Industry switching from Steel Cabinets to GRP Cabinets, this primarily based on two factors mentioned above, GRP has a far superior lifespan and is a non-conductive material, two very important factors when looking to house Electrical Equipment safely with longevity in mind.

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