Buy GRP Electrical Enclosures Online


An Adept GRP Electrical Enclosure is the ideal solution when looking to protect Electrical Equipment from the elements. Our Standard Range GRP Cabinets can be viewed online where you can also download Technical Drawings and make secure purchases using our shop facility, which allows you to buy GRP electrical enclosures online. Our Electrical Cabinets come in a variety of sizes and colours, they would have lockable Single or Double Doors (dependant on the size of the Enclosure), Stainless Steel Hinges with tamperproof fixings, a Backboard on the internal face of the rear wall and are normally delivered by National Carrier.

Instances will occur whereas a specific size GRP Enclosure is required (eg. The Concrete Base has already been cast or there are restrictions on site) and products in the Standard Range don’t quite meet the required size, this isn’t a problem as we are able to Manufacture a Bespoke Electrical Enclosures to the sizes required, just Contact Us with your requirements and we’ll provide you with a quotation by return. You can also specify any additional extras you may need, these may include Cable Entry Points, Vents to provide natural cross flow ventilation, Viewing Panes etc. etc.

Our current, worst scenario, lead time (assuming we don’t have the size you require in Stock) is approximately 7-10 days from receipt of Order, however, we understand the necessity of getting an Electrical Enclosure to Site quickly and will assist with any urgent requests as best we can. Our Stock, “off the shelf” GRP Cabinets are Manufactured in Green (BS 14-C-39) and Grey (BS 10-A-05) as these two colours normally meet standard requirements, Green in the Countryside, Grey in an Urban area seems to be the common ongoing trend.

Our Electrical Enclosures are IP55 as standard but this can be improved on by incorporating a membrane floor into the build and adding some Lever Handles to the first opening Door. Any water/dust ingress tests are carried out in house and not verified by any external body. Adept GRP Ltd operate to a Verified Quality System which is Audited by an External Body, this ensures that you’re in good hands from when you originally Contact Us through to the point where your GRP Enclosure is delivered.