When GRP is mentioned for outdoor grp housings, the acronym used is in reference to Glass Reinforced Plastic. GRP Products are used as a solution to ensure what is inside is secure and kept out of view. The size and scope of products can vary, from GRP Glass Reinforced Cabinets to Housing. Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is an efficient, cost effective and durable way of protecting equipment such as water, telecommunications and industrial equipment.

The advantage of using GRP Housing is that its size and shape can be tailored to a client’s requirements, while the material used keeps the housing low in cost and can provide an attractive, durable building which looks appropriate to the surrounding environment.
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GRP Housings are widespread commercial and industrial used, and can be found in places where a company or person requires an enclosed environment to house devices such as a control panel, gas equipment or security features which should not be accessible to the general public. This means GRP Products should be flexible enough to be used in a variety of landscapes, yet secure and long-wearing enough to protect what is inside from the elements and from any outside interference.