GRP cabinets are widely used in many of our industries that supply us with water, petrol, electricity, gas and much more. These global industries also have the need to use many other GRP products.

Many years ago these global industries used steel and iron that are subject to corrosion and need a lot of maintenance but now they recognise the qualities in GRP so when the cabinets and housings needed renewing they replaced them with GRP.

Due to the locations of some of these cabinets, and the products and contents they house; the GRP cabinets have to be water tight as well as well as having to be securely locked. The versatility of the GRP material and the cost effectiveness has almost replaced the use of traditional metals across the globe.

There are companies operating today that specialise in the production of GRP cabinets and can supply all the extra options that the cabinets may need. Because of the popularity and heavy demand for GRP cabinets many companies stock a wide range of them so that if a customer orders one and they are in stock delivery can be made the next day. This is a big plus for industries that are operating on a time schedule.

Companies who stock GRP cabinets are aware of the customer’s requirements for cabinets and other products in chosen colours and specific styles so the manufacturers are constantly developing the range of these products to meet the customer’s demand.