All GRP Feeder Pillars that are used to provide housings for low voltage electricity are IP54 and IP55 waterproofed. They are also very durable and corrosion resistant providing quality housings that can be manufactured specifically to the customer specifications.

This is why many companies that supply GRP Feeder Pillars and cabinets to many different and varied industries offer choices of finishes and colour.

Many roadside GRP Feeder Pillars are molded in GRP composite that has a self-extinguishing, fire retarded resin that has been tested to BS476; part 7, class 2. The standard roadside GRP Feeder Pillar will be manufactured with an open base and have an integral flange.

If a customer specifies that they need a GRP Feeder Pillar with composite floors then they are available to order. Most GRP Feeder Pillars that are used to house electrical instruments with control panels will normally have a single door.

GRP Feeder Pillars and cabinets with double doors are required by the utilities industries such as gas, water and electricity.

All GRP Feeder Pillars have to be tried and tested in a variety of applications and conditions. The test of durability is against all the elements of the rural and urban environment.