GRP enclosures can be supplied to house and protect infrastructure from all kinds of weather conditions, chemicals and vandalism. GRP enclosures can be customised to dampen noise and contain fire; they can also be designed to have multiple compartments if that is what the customer’s requirements are. The compartments can be individually fitted with a ventilation system, or installed in whole GRP enclosures.

Because GRP enclosures are also extremely durable and have an indefinite life expectancy they are very cost-effective. GRP enclosures make the ideal housing to protect your plant and equipment inside. GRP enclosures are much more practical than the traditional metal enclosures as they are virtually maintenance-free and once your equipment is housed it is safe and secure for many, many years.

GRP enclosures are commonly used to house and protect generators, electrical boxes, compressors and pump houses. They are also used by many different industries to store expensive equipment and tools because of the security they afford.

GRP enclosures can be manufactured to the exact specification of the customer’s requirements and then customised to suit all different kinds of environments. Because of the flexibility of fibre glass the enclosures can be manufactured in all sizes.

Companies that design and manufacture GRP enclosures are often asked for advice by customers on how to house certain equipment. With their experience and knowledge they can offer the most cost effective and safest way to protect and secure any infrastructure. The fact that these enclosures have a life long guarantee and are virtually maintenance free makes them one of the most cost effective items for many industries.