Many of our large industries such as Petro Chemical and the construction industry, which is vast and world wide; need specialist cabinets and enclosures which are usually requested to be manufactured using GRP.

Water, Telecom and electrical are three of our utility suppliers and these industries also require GRP cabinets and enclosures. Because GRP cabinets are manufactured at a very cost effective rate they are sold to the industries at a very low cost compared to using the traditional metals.

Also GRP cabinets are used because there is very low maintenance involved and the GRP material is extremely durable. So the low cost, durability and low maintenance makes GRP cabinets the perfect solution.

Apart from all the qualities mentioned above GRP is very light in weight and is an extremely strong and robust material. All of these qualities make GRP cabinets more favourable with most industries rather than the metal ones that were traditionally used for years.

All GRP cabinets can be ordered with extras according to the customer’s specification. Although many GRP cabinet stockists store quite a large and varied range as well as the ones with standard features.

GRP cabinets designed and manufactured by usually have in stock the standard roadside range which is a very popular cabinet and widely used in the communication and petro chemical industries. Also firm favorites for the cabinets and housings are the water and electrical services.

The Adept Group has many years experience in the design of GRP cabinets which allows for many optional extras that are necessary for the working life of these cabinets.