GRP Kiosks can be manufactured to customer’s particular requirements whether it is a GRP kiosk for selling coffee on a railway station or a GRP kiosk for selling newspapers on our streets. There is a very wide range of GRP kiosks available for businesses from selling flowers or food to even acting as a mini police station.

an example of a Adept GRP Kiosk GRP kiosks come in a wide range of colours and styles to suit any purpose and the quality of GRP will stand the test of time requiring low maintenance so proving cost effective for any business or industry including local authorities.

Companies that supply GRP kiosks employ staff that are experienced and trained to guide the customer through any planning process necessary to ensure that the kiosk is functional and practical. GRP kiosks can be delivered all over the country whether they are to private clients or local authorities.

When the GRP kiosk requires electrical installation this is carried out by qualified electricians and this can be implemented at the manufactures or on site when it is delivered. Designed to meet the customer’s specifications GRP kiosks provide a long term solution too many industrial and commercial applications offering purpose built housing for equipment or personnel uses.

Made to Measure GRP kiosks and enclosures are ideal for housing gas meters, control panels, gas governors, communication equipment, electrical switchgear and much more such as transformers, pumps, Telecom, and analyser equipment etc….

Of course, not forgetting that GRP kiosks will protect and keep safe anything inside from all the forces of nature like wind, rain, snow and sunshine.