Glass Reinforced Plastic is produced with mixture of composite of fiberglass and polymer resin . The resin is a liquid type of plastic which one of its main uses is to help make it stronger, heat resistant and a heavy duty material. Tiny shards of glass (fibreglass) are normally mixed with the liquid plastic to produce an unbreakable fibreglass product.

When the process of creating fibreglass started some years ago it wasn’t expected to be used as widely as it is now. Its Glass Reinforced Plastics uses have have at least trebled and every where you look you will see Glass Reinforced Plastic. It surrounds us in everyday life. Even the likes of car manufacturers use it a great deal and it is used in all of there designs.

Kiosk made from GRPA very popular use of Glass Reinforced Plastic is Kiosks. The kind you see outside that house equipment and people. The strength of the Glass Reinforced Plastic makes the kiosks very popular and very useful too.

Glass Reinforced plastic has its such great benefits such as.

  • Whatever it is used for can be moulded easily into any shape needed by the customer. Even when it is moulded into any shape or form it still holds all of its strength it had from the start.
  • When the project is being designed it is deigned with heat resistant properties so it can take extreme levels of heat and cold.
  • Because it is made of plastic it is non conductive unlike metal and is suitable for Electrical Cabinets, if the customer wants it to be conductive then a carbon cover can be added.
  • Glass Reinforced Plastic is resistant to corrosion so it will be able to put up with corrosive substances, high pressure, and extreme weather conditions.


There are a lot of Glass reinforced Plastic products around us. The GRP kiosks are popular with companies across the globe. They are easy to construct and as they are designed from the first stages by the customer they will be customised to exactly the customers needs.