The use of GRP Enclosures within the Construction Industry has been somewhat of a revelation. The fact that a Transformer Housing can now be Ordered, Delivered and installed within 2-3 weeks is a major step forward from the days when a traditional build was the only option available.

Time is always an issue on a construction site, deadlines have to be met in order to prevent delays

enclosure delivered to construction site

Enclosure being delivered to site

which usually have a costly affect on the project. The days of a traditional build saw a greater emphasis on the “human element” whereas Brick Layers would construct a Transformer Housing or Switchgear Enclosure aided by Carpenters, Roofers etc, this system was always reliant on satisfactory weather conditions and all members of the team turning up, it was also a relatively lengthy process and any hiccups only complicated an already complicated situation.

The introduction of GRP Enclosures has made a positive difference to the Industry, any requirements for GRP Housings are submitted to the likes of Adept GRP Ltd, a Quotation is provided followed by a detailed CAD Drawing, once the design/layout is approved production begins indoors, the production programme is unaffected by any inclement weather as is possible by traditional means. In approximately 3 weeks, at a pre determined time your GRP Enclosure will be delivered, offloaded and positioned by Hiab. You can then be confident that your Equipment is protected from the elements for years to come with very little maintenance anticipated.