GRP Housings can be designed and manufactured exactly to the customers specifications. Sometimes GRP Housings require planning permission as they often become permanent buildings.

Because of the many different uses for GRP housings they can be designed to actually blend in with the location and environment looking as a natural part of the location. If your GRP Housing is located in a position where you expect it to stay for a long time then to fit in with the local environment will be an important issue when applying for planning permission.

The outside walls of GRP Housings can be designed with many finishes such as a timber effect if it was erected among trees and greenery. Or a brick and stone effect finish would suit somewhere in a town or on an industrial estate.

GRP Housings can be fitted with fire and intruder alarms and steel security doors if the customer requires this protection. GRP Housings can have integral floors or they can be mounted on to a steel sub frame.

The flexibility of the GRP material can be used in designing and constructing many custom built housings to the clients specifications. The GRP housing layout of the doors, windows and any access panels can all be tailored specifically as required.

Housings can also be constructed with environment assaults considered, this would apply to where it is constructed and what it is housing. Because of the strength and versatility of GRP many industries such as water, telecom, electrical and petrol have used GRP housings for many years.