Glass reinforced plastic or GRP as it is commonly known is a material that is used today by many large well known companies and also smaller not so well known companies. Basically, what I mean is GRP is used in a vast number products ranging from aircrafts to our kitchen sink.

Because this material is so versatile it is also used on industrial estates all over the country, and it is used for GRP enclosures. Businesses everywhere are always searching for ways to save money but at the same time these businesses have to grow and expand to stay in the market.

GRP enclosures are used as business units on many industrial estates as an extension of the original unit. High rents charged per square foot that is constantly increasing puts pressure on businesses who are struggling to survive.
The solution for businesses that need more space for storage or as a working unit was to construct a GRP enclosure. The issues that where raised by the local planning offices have been satisfied as long as these GRP enclosures match the original unit that they are placed next to.

GRP enclosures can be ordered with several different finishes to match the original building. Slate lookalike roofs can adorn these GRP enclosures to make them look like they are a real extension of the brick building.
In fact in many ways the GRP enclosures are probably more efficient and cost effective than the brick building as once they are constructed they are very low maintenance.