GRP Shelters


Kiosks for staff.

Having a Glass Reinforced Plastic is a great answer for employees to have somewhere to go for protection from the bad elements or any element that could cause discomfort or harm. Without a GRP Shelter they would be stuck outside in the rain, wind or snow and all sorts of other condition.

The kiosk can be used to house humans for other things such as car park attendance or a security kiosk or even another office as a temporary or long term measure. Any amount of time somebody needs to work inside the GRP kiosk can be made as comfortable as a normal building.

The kiosk won’t just as an empty shell, it can have other comfort bits fitted inside such as heating, worktops, kitchen units, doors can also be fitted anywhere you need them and so can windows. So the whole thing will be customised by your needs.

Even if you need a Glass Reinforced Plastic kiosk to use a ticket booth, that can be done. It can be customised with shutters for that added security or canopy for added protection.

Because it is completely customised to your needs, allowing for you to use it any way you need it to be used. A vending hatch can be made into it. All vending hatches will include a secure hatch stay to it wont collapse while somebody is under it, also so it can be easily opened and closed.

Whilst you are designing the inside of the kiosk there are lots of options to consider. Even just putting shelving in will turn a shell into functional and useful outdoor room. The fact it is indoors is warm but maybe not warm enough, so you can have heating fitted in too.

Not only that, the Glass Reinforced Room can have a kitchen top fitted, so everybody will be able to feel the comfort, even if it is just to make a sandwich or read a paper.