Lets start with the basics. Glass Reinforced Plastic is made up of a composite of strong, tough and durable plastic resin and glass fibres that make its incredible strength. The resin starts off as a gooey texture a bit like treacle. If it dried on its own it will dry to a solid brittle and hard substance. This can be used to make a small casting or anything that won’t need too much strength. On its own, dry resin couldn’t take much strain and it would be a weak material.

When you mix this resin with the glass fibres it dries as material that is incredible in strength, weight and durability. Polymere is also a material that makes the GRP heat resistant too.

This is why Glass Reinforced Plastic is the perfect material for enclosures to house equipment or people. Its strength is against the elements is one to be reckoned with.

The most common resin used in Glass Reinforced Plastic are polyesters that are unsaturated dissolved in substance called styrene.

The final product of Glass Reinforced Plastic is unbreakable and it is a high quality material too that is light weight. There are so many pro’s to GRP.


Companies from across the globe are using GRP for Enclosures accross many projects and they have been for many years and still Glass Reinforced Plastic is still made in exactly the same way it was all those years ago.

Glass Reinforced Plastic has another added bonus over metal. GRP is totally non conductive. It will not conduct heat, it will not conduct electricity or sound. So in the safety line of things GRP is a safer bet if there is any risk of anybody getting electric shock.

If you take a look around at your every day life. You will be surprised at how much Glass Reinforced Plastic as actually being used. Toilet pipes, aeroplanes, cars, it is used in hospitals, cinemas, and even spaceships. Everywhere you look there will be different levels of Glass Reinforced Plastic,
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