In an industries that deal in commercial and industrial sectors, such as the gas sector and electricity sector, where restricted and important equipment has to be kept outside or needs guarding , there must be a strong and safe answer for keeping this equipment safe.

When Glass Reinforced Plastic is mentioned – you know this a material that is tried and tested, strong and durable. This material is used all across industries such as telecommunication companies, gas companies, water to protect there expensive, sensitive equipment.

It is made up of plastic that is reinforced by tiny fine fibres of glass that is mixed in with the plastic resin. Glass Reinforced Plastic is also frequently known as fibreglass. This is what you may know it as. It is a very strong material that can endure great levels of tension and compression, yet it is a lightweight material to use.

The components it is made up of make it weather proof to all the elements, rain, snow, wind and rain so this makes the GRP kiosk perfect for using outdoors.

This malleable material can be made into any shape so giving you the choice of structure you want and need. Glass Reinforced Plastic is also used for other applications such as cabinets, enclosures, boxes, tanks and many more.

Not only is Glass Reinforced Plastic used a great deal in the utility industries to house all of their equipment, there are so many other instances of use for the materials use. For example a Glass Reinforced Plastic construction have been used in current times to conceal and keep safe valuable equipment such as sub stations, control panels, and also wind turbine projects. It is also widely used by the railway industry as well as the construction industry too.


Glass Reinforced Plastic is very mouldable and can easily be shaped into and specific design you need. It can also be produced into a choice of colours and textures. If you need it to look like brick work then that will not be a problem for GRP.

The strength of this material is so high that scratches won’t have a chance of showing, the colour will not fade even in UV light in a long length of time, that a building that is made from GRP can be expected to last for up 30 years.