Since Glass Reinforced plastic has been discovered, it has opened up many doors and found lots of uses.

Glass Reinforced Plastic is also well known as fibreglass, is a composite material that consists of tiny strands of glass that is with the resin. Which as a result in the two being mixed together makes it such a strong material to work with. If the material has to be made stronger then it has to be mixed in with a substance called Kevlan or Carbon Fibre.

If both of these fibres are woven into a cloth, with the fibres running in different directions. These cloths will normally be found working on things such as high end products such as formula one cars.

Glass Reinforced Plastic is widely used around the world, because it has very little constraints or design limitations. This modern day material can be moulded literally into anything that its needed to be. Whatever it is moulded into, it will be light weight and very strong to work with. Also with very little maintenance needed once you have it fitted.

When you have a substance like this made for a specific usage, it can also have specific requirements made into it too. For example, if you need it be fire retardant or chemical resistant or and it can be made to be resilient against any extremity’s of the weather and the environment. Glass Reinforced Plastic has a great potential for any body in the design or building world, because you can push the design boundaries as far as you like with Glass Reinforced Plastic.

A few examples of what Glass Reinforced Plastic is used for.

Building features, Water slides, Roller coasters, ship parts, Enclosures, life rafters. Pontoons, Cars, Spoilers on cars…

The list is pretty much endless.

You will never realise how many things around are made of Glass Reinforced Plastic. Everywhere you will look will be something made of Glass Reinforced Plastic.