Glass Reinforced Plastic, is a material where a plastic resin has tiny fibres of glass inside. This is where the strength comes from. GRP can and is used for so many things in the industry and the home. Its strength and durability will take on almost anything.

It was developed during the second world war to build part of the planes, so you can imagine how strong it is and it goes from strength to strength all the time. Being used for a lot more things then you realise.

When an industrial engineer has a steel tank that needs replacing, they will replace it with a Glass Reinforced Plastic tank. GRP tanks are replacing steel ones all the time. Steel tanks need repairing all and attention all the time, you won’t get that with a Glass Reinforced Tank. These will not need any maintenance.

Glass Reinforced Plastic can be used for industrial tanks that can hold up to 300 tonnes. If the tank is smaller it can be made out of chopped strand mat cast over a thermo inner tank which acts as a preform during construction. More and more tanks these days are being made using woven mat with fibres. They use Glass Reinforced Plastic for chemical storage because of the strength of it. It can take that kind of punishment.

Glass Reinforced Plastic can be used for so many things. Storage tanks are only one of the things it can be used for. It is a very versatile material.

Piping is a popular one too along with windows, doors and all other household and industrial things.