From as far back as the stone age, man has been inventing and creating the way we live today. In this day and age we are continuing to make and create and we are mastering the old techniques. All around the globe is full of advanced material that man has made all to make our lives easier. We still have not stopped inventing. We are still finding ways to create and improve our lives.

Compared to actual time Glass Reinforced Plastic has not actually been around for that long it is a recent addition to mans inventions. It has some great properties.

It is a very lightweight material. There are some heavy material out there that we use but Glass Reinforced Plastic is made up of glass fibres so that makes it very light to work with because glass has a very low density ratio.

The small pieces of glass together create its strength. Each individual fibre of glass is strong and stiff so this adds to the strength of the Glass Reinforced Plastic. With the glass and the plastic combined makes the sheet stronger.

Glass Reinforced Plastic is well known for its versatility and AdeptGRP can make GRP Enclosures to your specification, Our Design team will assist you though-out. GRP has a big range of uses, from boats to pipes to cars. It can be made to anything it needs to be. Because it is weather proof it can handle being outside at all times.

Can Glass Reinforced Plastic help you in life? It probably can and it already be helping you now. It can be made into ladders, stairs, hand rails. Literally anything. Say a public bench that is made out of Glass Reinforced Plastic, it is sat on, stood on and laid on by members of the public every day all day and night and will still look as good in a few years time as it did when it was first put up. No matter how many bodies its experienced, it will still end up looking like new.